Non-fiction publications


"Elevators & Stairs." (apt comparisons essay)

At Length 

"The Poem That Won't Leave You Alone, Volume 2"

Published alongside Chad Parmenter; Jay Deshpande; Ricky Varghese; Deanna Dikeman; Craig Santos Perez; Chad Davidson; Jonathan Farmer.


"Mr. Brightside" by The Killers (micro song review)

Poets off Poetry - Song of the Week

Interviews I've conducted with poets

An interview I conducted with Alberto Ríos for Folio Volume 31, Issue 01, 2016. (Print)

An interview I conducted with Rigoberto González for Café Américain

An interview I conducted with Cathy Park Hong for Café Américain

An interview I conducted with B.V. Olguín for the Letras Latinas Blog

I was interviewed

By [neonpajamas]: Four Blue Whales + the Largest Hyena in your Local Zoo // An interview with Steve Castro

By Ruben Quesada of the Chicago Review of Books for their DEAR POETRY EDITOR Series 

By Brett Fletcher Lauer of the Poetry Society of America 

By Megan Valley of Midwestern Gothic on Dec. 8, 2016

​By Kangsen Wakai, editor-in-chief of Folio.

"A conversation with Steve Castro. Engineering poetry."