Poetry Publications


"Bloomington, Indiana." fall 2014 (Print)


"A mathematical sonnet." # 9 (Print)

Published alongside poets George Hitchcock (1914-2010) and Luis Omar Salinas (1937-2008) R.I.P.

"A mathematical sonnet" made its online debut in Splendid Wake-up: a blog (the Gelman Library at The George Washington University). 


"The burden that I am," "Mis reflexiones de un tiempo antiguo" and "Un monstruo oscuro encima de una gente clara / A dark monster on top of pale people." 2009 issue (Print)

Chiricú has previously featured the likes of Sandra Cisneros and Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) in its pages, so I'm incredibly honored. 

"The burden that I am" made its online debut in Underground Voices. 

Cricket Online Review

"A Titan is pierced by Excalibur" and "To infinity and beyond."


"Ashes to ashes" and "Amnesia."



Everyday Genius

"Two different options or so it seemed" and "Following a sermon on the book of Job."

Forklift, Ohio

"Walking through walls with Spanish dolls." (Print)

Published alongside Dean Young. 

Green Mountains Review

"Moon landing" and "Scrapers of the sky." (Print)

Special Issue dedicated to Juan Felipe Herrera. Guest edited by Allison Hedge Coke

Representative authors: Terrance Hayes, David Lehman, José Hernández Díaz, Ilyse Kusnetz (1966-2016) R.I.P.

"Scrapers of the sky" appeared on Verse Daily on June 16, 2017

Labyrinth Literary Magazine

"A polite conversation." 2009 (Print)

"A polite conversation" also appeared in the 2009 view book: "Hutton Honors College for prospective students." Published by the Indiana University Office of Creative Services. (Print)

Landfill Journal

"An early memory."

Numinous: Spiritual Poetry 

"A photograph, 2005."

[PANK]  - Folio: Latinx  & Latinidad 

"Train wreck" and "Xenophobia." 

[PANK] Magazine Online

"Regala un huevo con una mano y con la otra, mata la gallina" and "Malos Hábitos / Bad Habits."  

Published alongside D.M. Aderibigbe

Paper Darts

"The robots we could become."

"The robots we could become" was featured in Verse Daily: Web Weekly Features on June 23, 2014. I'm incredibly honored since previous features have included work by multiple Pulitzer Prize winning poets such as Charles Simić, Franz Wright, Yusef Komunyakaa and Rae Armantrout. 

Phantom Drift Limited

"A deadly curse" and "Fire proof." (Print) Issue 7


"What if Cat Stevens was a dog person?," "Thus, always to tyrants"" and "The seamstress." 

Published alongside Jane Hirshfield.

Prairie Margins

"A true story, kind of like James Tate's 'A True Story' about a talking dog but very different" and "Interwoven realities through time and space." 2011 (Print)

Red Bridge Press

"Two full moons and one empty moon ago."

Writing That Risks: New Work from Beyond the Mainstream. 2013 anthology (Print) 

A review of Writing That Risks written by Hannah Rodabaugh for [PANK] kindly mentions my poem as a "hilarious recollection of a random and disconnected dream." Thank you [PANK]  and Hannah for the love.  

Snow Jewel 
"Pillar of fire." Grey Sparrow Press, issue 2, 2011. (Print)

"Pillar of fire" also appeared in the Sunday Courier Press on July 7, 2013 (Print)

The Sunday Courier Press has a print circulation of slightly over 86,000 readers

Splash of Red 

"Bread Crumbs." March 30, 2011, online - archived.

Poems are listed chronologically. Scroll down until you find March 30, 2011. 

Star*Line (Science Fiction Poetry Association)

"The Good Samaritan." Fall 2016 (Print)  

SurVision Magazine (An international online magazine that publishes Neo-Surrealist poetry in English.)

"To err is human" and "Sailors as delectable fruit."  (Ireland)

Edited by Russian born poet Anatoly Kudryavitsky

The American Journal of Poetry

"Two-Bullet Cowgirl Blues," "The Undertaker" and "The Wake." Vol. 2

Published alongside E. Ethelbert Miller, Cole Swensen, Bob Hicok, Marianne Boruch.

"The one," "Heartless circa, 1900" and "Masked men."  Vol. 3

Published alongside Tony Hoagland.

The Brillantina Project

An anthology commemorating the victims of the June 12, 2016 shooting that occurred at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Edited by David Lopez and Luis Lopez-Maldonado.

"Maternal Love."

The Broken Plate

"Self Preservation." 2012 issue (Print)

Published alongside Michael Martone.

"17th Century Lineups (1618 - 1648)." 2013 issue (Print)

Published alongside Marcus Wicker.

"17th Century Lineups (1618 - 1648)" is forthcoming in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library  

The Florida Review

"Arriving miracles." 42 (2) (Print)

Published alongside Christopher Citro.

The Latinx Archive: Speculative Fiction for Dreamers

"The one," "Two-bullet cowgirl blues" and "A mirage." Forthcoming (Print)

The Tower Journal

"Die Jacke / The Jacket / La Chaqueta." The fire within." "All of a sudden I started counting" and "God's annointed." Published alongside Pulitzer Prize winning poet Kay Ryan.

Tia Chucha Press
"Country folk in tune with the times." 2017 (Print) anthology

"The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States."

Edited by Héctor Tobar, Rúben Martínez and Leticia Hernández-Linares.

Published alongside Javier Zamora, Claudia Castro Luna, Francisco Aragón. 

Toad Suck Review. Annual 2015. Issue 6 (Print)

"Heaven and earth," "March 04, 2...," "Sodium Free" and "26 January, 2004."

Published alongside work by Frank Stanford (1948-1978) R.I.P.



I was part of 30 District of Columbia poets published each day during the month of June, 2016. Edited by Joanna Howard. It features many wonderful Washington, D.C. based poets such as Myra Sklarew and E. Ethelbert Miller.

Water~Stone Review

"Mother." (Print) Forthcoming

Wings Press
"Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction and Fantasy."  2017 (Print)
"Through the right ventricle" and "Two unique souls." 
Edited by Matthew David Goodwin. 

Representative authors include: Ana Castillo, Daniel José Older, Carmen Maria Machado.


"The apples within" and "Polar opposites."  July, 2016.  (Print)

Published alongside Zachary Schomburg.

"Polar opposites" can be found online on the blog A Longhouse Birdhouse: Daydreaming w/ Bob Arnold

Selected videos of me reading my poetry at various La-Ti-Do events: I'm grateful to Regie Cabico and DonMike Mendoza.

"Letter to royalty."

"Interwoven realities through time and space."

"March 04, 2..."

"Sodium Free."

"To infinity and beyond."

"Pooh Bear."